Acmé symbolizes the
highest point of splendor.

It highlights vulnerability and imperfection as essential qualities needed for personal development. Acmé promotes the search for balance through love, introspection, and self-acceptance, even from the awareness of our darkest side.

The ethereals are female figures, sometimes earthly, other descendants of deities or enigmatic and vampiric entities, working to become their higher selves.

The collection

Acmé is a generative NFT collection of 10,000 ethereal women working to become their higher selves

10,000 characters

Each NFT is generated through an algorithm that combines 250+ characteristics resulting in unique characters that are different from each other.

Phase 1 will consist of 5,000 ethereals

Over 250 properties

Ethereals posses a variety of skin tones, hair, clothing,  makeup, accessories, tattoos, as well as personality traits ​​such as empathy, self-love, or introspection. As well as superpowers, addictions, among other issues that women face on their daily lives like anxiety, depression, body image, and eating disorders.

Part of a bigger universe

The © Acmé Universe includes our Ethereals, their pets represented as souls called Ánimas, and a series of values ​​represented with natural or abstract elements called Células.


Community focused

By collecting Acmé you will become a member of a community focused on building a safe space for people that want to connect and grow emotionally and intellectually. Within Acmé you can find a group of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts.


Exclusive merch and future drops of Ánimas and Células will be available only for collectors.

Coaching Sessions

We love parties, but we love therapy more! We will be hosting quarterly events that include talks and coaching circles with mental health experts to talk about the issues that you need to work on in order to become your higher self.


Designed with love

Violeta Hernández

Mexican illustrator who has showcased her art at galleries in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Barcelona, ​​France, and London, and has collaborated with prestigious brands such as Adidas, Apple Music and Tous.

Violeta creates a provocative and emotional artwork as a result of a continuous introspection in which women, sensuality, and nature play the main role.

Her process emerges from drawing and derives in ceramics, textiles, watercolor, and serigraphy, being the NFTs a new universe to discover. She finds inspiration through internal dialogues that translate into a constant exploration, restlessness, and curiosity.

Gabriela Salinas

A firm believer in the power of creative communities, Gabriela has hosted in-person and virtual design conferences with over 600 attendees. She has over 10 years of experience working as a strategic designer in the financial sector.

Gabriela is currently leading Strategy & Research at Bitso, a cryptocurrency startup. Before that Gabriela worked at a bank, a brokerage house and a consulting firm, and also co-founded and led Service Design Mexico, for over four years, an institution dedicated to service design training, and Frontstage Conference, the first service design conference in Latin America.


Rarity is determined by the frequency in which the traits and characteristics appear within the collection, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Mexican Designer Showcase

We're collaborating with a set of female Mexican fashion designers to showcase special clothing items gracing the skin of the ethereals.

Look beyond the surface

Special characteristics will give you access to special opportunities like exclusive merch, private coaching sessions and exclusive events.



Q4 2022

Launch Project and Discord Community

March 29, 2023

Private Mint:
200 Mexican Women

200 ethereals will be reserved to the first 200 Mexican Women to join our discord community, and will be sold at the special price of 0.05 ETH

This is an effort to promote investing at an accessible price for an underserved segment.

Private Mint:
Discord Community

The next 2,200 ethereals will be open to mint within our discord community members at the price of 0.09 ETH

Open Mint

The final 2,200 ethereals from Phase 1 will be open to mint to anyone at the price of 0.12 ETH

Q4 2023

Airdropping Ánimas

Wild or domestic pets that protect our ethereals. Animas possess healing qualities that activate strengths and counteract weaknesses.

Q1 2024

🚀 1 year from launch
We hope to continue building valuable spaces and resources for the community.

Donation Pledge

We will be donating 10% of the Mint earnings to institutions that support mental health issues that women are facing in Mexico. Community members will see a transparent process, be able to pitch institutions and vote for the most impactful causes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain. This technology is currently used to create and distribute digital art through a system that allows artists to define usage rules, and collectors to have proof of ownership. NFTs are one of a kind, meaning that the value of each piece is different depending on its traits and rarity, much like an autographed print.

Acmé falls under the category of a "PFP NFT", this means an image designed to use as a profile picture or virtual avatar.

How can I buy an Acmé NFT?

To buy an Acmé NFT you will need a digital wallet where you store your cryptocurrencies. We recommend using Metamask. When the minting process is open, click on Connect at the top of the page and connect your Metamask wallet. Make sure to have enough ether to purchase the NFT plus gas fees. If this is the first time you're buying an NFT you can check this detailed guide with more information.

When is the mint?

The mint will start on March 29, 2023. Join our discord to find out the exact date.

How many ethereals can I mint?

All wallets will have the ability to mint a maximum of 3 ethereals. If you want to acquire more, you can do so through the secondary market sale on Open Sea (this is, you can buy any ethereal directly from other collectors).

The initial Mint will be blind (lazy mint) to ensure justice on the assignation of rarity, while ensuring our contract remains eco-friendly.

Do I own the rights to the design?

For as long as you own an Acmé NFT, we grant you a limited, personal license to display the artwork solely and exclusively for personal, non-commercial use. By accessing or using our services, you are entering into a binding agreement with Acmé that includes Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. We do not permit derivatives or modifications to the art. We do not permit commercial use without explicit written agreement.

Some uses that are accepted are: usage of the NFT as avatar on social media, printing or displaying the image for personal use like putting it on a wall or a personal t-shirt.